TOP Sports is a competitive youth sports organization in Toronto focused on multi sport play, long term athletic development, consistent scheduling, and quality coaching.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable youth sport experience for kids, focusing on athlete development, ensuring our players learn qualities to help them succeed in their lives, and creating a positive, competitive environment for all athletes. Our 3:1 practice to game ratio ensures players are constantly improving, and prioritizing quality development over wins and losses.

Our multi-sport approach ensures players can play multiple sports in the same calendar year, without any conflicts or overlap in seasons. TOP Sports schedules are determined well in advance, ensuring limited conflicts arise with family, school, or other sports. 

TOP Sports takes pride in investing in our coaches, hiring some of the best, most knowledgable coaches in the GTA. In each of our offered sports, our extensive development curriculum has been designed by former NCAA or Professional athletes, and is implemented by our team of experienced coaches.

Meet The Team

Find out more about our  team of former athletes and experienced coaches, dedicated to changing the culture around competitive youth sports.