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TOP Sports Code of Conduct

TOP Sports' is committed to providing a safe, positive, and respectful sport environment for all parents, players, coaches, and referees. Any parent, player, or coach that violates the terms set forth in the Code of Conduct may be subject to immediate dismissal from the TOP Sports program without warning, and will not receive a refund on program or registration fees.

These terms include, but are not limited to:

  • Displays of aggressive or rude behaviour.
  • Use of abusive or aggressive language.
  • Displays of offensive, racist, sexist, or abusive language or actions.
  • Any harassment, bullying, or verbal abuse of any kind.
  • Any physical abuse of any kind.

Please note the above terms are subject to a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, and warnings will not be issued.

TOP Sports Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement weather or facility conditions, TOP Sports' reserves the right to cancel any practices, games, or team events with limited notice. Given the limited availability of fields and arenas, TOP Sports' is unable to reschedule or replay any practices or games which are cancelled or suspended due to weather or facility conditions. Every effort will be made to proceed with scheduled events as long as it is safe to do so.

In the event that TOP Sports' coaches and/or directors decide to cancel a practice or game due to inclement weather or facility conditions, every effort will be made to contact all affected families as soon as possible to communicate the changes.


In the event of lightning or thunder during practices or games, all practices and games will be immediately halted. All parties are to quickly leave the field and seek shelter in a safe location. Players are not to return to the field - and the game will not be resumed - until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning. Coaches/Program Directors have been advised to take a “better safe than sorry” approach concerning electrical storms and to always act with player safety in mind.

Facility Conditions

Practices or games may also be cancelled in the event of unsuitable field conditions. TOP Sports' maintains its programs by obtaining permits for a variety of fields. The owners of these fields have differing policies on when fields may not be used, but generally, if there has been significant rainfall that leaves standing water on the field, creates unsafe conditions for players or increases the likelihood of significant damage to the field, practices or games will not be played.

No refunds or credits of any kind will be offered for any missed practices or games due to weather or facility closures. TOP Sports' will always make a strong effort to ensure all practices and games are played as scheduled, but extenuating circumstances may apply in some cases.

TOP Sports Concussion Policy

TOP Sports is committed to maintaining the health, well-being, and safety of all it's participants. Safety is a top priority for those participating in any sports, and TOP Sports recognizes the increased awareness of concussions and their potential long‐term effects. 

This policy is intended to be a tool to assist in proper management of those who have a concussion or  are suspected of having a concussion.  

TOP Sports encourages the prevention of concussions using valuable education programs and enforcement of the rules of the game.

This includes, but is not limited to:  

  • The reduction of violence in the game. 
  • The reduction of head contact.
  • The reduction of hitting from behind.  Education of all participants on prevention and recognition of head injuries and responsible return to play. 
  • Encouraging respect and fair play.

If a player is suspected of having a concussion;

  • They will be removed from play immediately, regardless if the concussion occurred during play or not. The player will not be permitted to return to play that day. 
  • If there are doubts, TOP Sports' staff will err on the side of caution and assume that a concussion has occurred.
  • The player will be referred to a physician for diagnosis as soon as possible.
  • Once a player is diagnosed with a concussion or is experiencing "concussion-like symptoms", they will not be permitted to return to play or practice until all of the return to play requirements are met.

For an overview of the proper steps to take after suffering a concussion, please refer to Parachute Canada's Concussion Guidelines here.

Return-to-Play Policy

Following a diagnosed concussion, all TOP Sports' participants will be forbidden to participate in ANY sporting activities unless a Return-to-Play form has been signed by a medical doctor and submitted to the program director for review. 

For further information about the proper steps to return-to-play after a diagnosed concussion, please access the resources at Smart Teams, available here.


Requirements for Sport Organizations
Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 makes it mandatory for sports organizations to

  1. Effective July 1, 2019, ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, Coaches, Team Trainers and Team Officials confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources. The Concussion Awareness Resources can be accessed free of charge at the following web location. A Confirmation Receipt for review of Concussion Awareness Resources must be completed by each registered participant and managed by the community sport organization for athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, Coaches, Team Trainers and Team Officials before participating in their sport. The Confirmation Receipt Form can be found here.

2. Effective July 1, 2019, establish a Concussion Code of Conduct that sets out rules of behaviour to support concussion prevention. Each year, Athletes, Coaches and Team Trainers must review and sign off on their applicable Codes of Conduct.

3. Effective July 1, 2020, establish a Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocol.  

Further information and sample templates is available online here.

The purpose of Rowan’s Law legislation is to promote culture change and make participation in amateur competitive sport safer. There are no enforcement or monitoring provisions in Rowan’s Law.

It is up to entities and individuals to ensure that they comply with the laws of Ontario.

TOP Sports Discipline Policy

TOP Sports is committed to maintaining an inclusive and safe environment for all players, coaches, referees, volunteers, and parents. In accordance with our club Code of Conduct, TOP Sports' follows a very rigid "3-strike" discipline policy for all club teams, activities, and programs. 

In the event of a player, coach, volunteer, or parent acting in a way that breaches the TOP Sports' Code of Conduct, the discipline policy is as follows:

In the event of misbehaviour by a player, the following 3-strike policy will come into effect.


Strike 1: Verbal Warning

  • During a first incident, coaches will give a verbal warning to the player and ensure that they understand i) why the were given a verbal warning, and ii) what behaviour will constitute a second strike.

Strike 2: Temporary Removal from Practice/Game

  • During a second incident, the player will be temporarily removed from the practice or game and be asked to sit out for a discretionary period of time. The senior coach on the ice/field has the sole discretion to determine how long that player will sit out. 

Strike 3: Permanent Removal from Practice/Game

  • During a third incident, the player will be permanently removed from the practice or game on that day, and will be asked to leave the ice or field for the remainder of practice or game. In addition, the Head Coach or Program Director will arrange to have a direct conversation with the players' parents regarding the incidents, and further discipline may be levied.

In the unfortunate event that a player's behaviour becomes a clear distraction to their teammates, an in-person meeting will be arranged with the player, their parents, the head coach of the team, and the program director. Possible disciplinary action as a result of this situation may include the following.

  • Suspension from the team or program for an appropriate amount of time with no refund.
  • Removal from the team or program with no refund.


TOP Sports is committed to providing a fun, harassment free environment for all players, coaches, and parents. Any parent that violates the TOP Sports' Code of Conduct or behaves in an inappropriate manner will be immediately instructed to leave the field/rink, and a coach-parent conference will be arranged after the practice or game. If the behaviour persists the parent may be permanently banned from attending all TOP Sports' practices and games. 

Youth sports should be focused on the enjoyment and improvement of all players, not providing an outlet for the ego of parents. Any behaviour contrary to this belief will be dealt with quickly and harshly. This is a zero tolerance policy.

TOP Sports Refund Policy

Team Programs

Registration fee deposits are payable upon registration in order to confirm a roster spot on TOP Sports' teams. If a player opts to leave the program after a deposit is paid, a release will be granted but the deposit will not be refunded. Once the balance of the registration fees are paid, no refunds will be offered. 

Camps & Skills Programs

Registration fees are payable upon registration in order to confirm a spot in TOP Sports' camps or skills programs. Full refunds will only be offered prior to 30-days before the start date of the program. Once within the 30-day period, no refunds will be offered, but credit may be offered in special circumstances. No refunds will be offered once the program has begun, or offered for missed classes or practices regardless of when the cancellation was made.

TOP Sports staff Policy

All individuals holding a volunteer or paid position with TOP Sports shall be subject to Criminal Record Checks which includes the Vulnerable Sector Screening and a search of the National Checks which includes the Vulnerable Sector Screening and a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.  

Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions and/or pending charges for certain offences shall not be eligible to hold the positions with TOP Sports.

TOP Sports social media Policy

It is the position of TOP Sports that the Code of Conduct governs all social media forums and all members of the TOP Sports family must continue to abide by the code of conduct when participating in social media exchanges.

It is the policy of TOP Sports that harassment and bullying in any form will not be tolerated and be subject to disciplinary action.  All TOP athletes must refrain from such action and follow the Code of Conduct guidelines to report such incidents. Social Media forums have extended the definition of such infractions and have created a new term known as "cyberbullying". Online harassment, abuse and/or bullying are examples of cyberbullying and TOP Sports has a zero tolerance policy for these types of behaviour.

It is incumbent on all TOP Sports members to adhere to the Code of Conduct in all situations, including during the use of all Social Media forums and technology.  Otherwise, the appropriate measures will be taken and Code of Conduct guidelines will be followed to address such infractions.  

TOP Sports tryouts Policy

Tryouts will take place for all TOP Sports teams at the 12U age group and older.

  1. All players wanting to try out for a team must attend the tryout(s) to be eligible for the team.
  2. Spots on teams are not guaranteed and spaces are limited to the number of roster spots. Being on the team the season before does not guarantee a spot the following season.
  3. Teams will be chosen at tryouts based on the following criteria (in no particular order): philosophical fit with TOP Sports, work ethic, attitude, coachability, athleticism, and sport specific skill.
  4. Tryouts will be run by the Head Coach of the team and final decisions will be made between the Head Coach and the TOP Sports Management team. All decisions are final and non-negotiable.
  5. Once offered a spot on a team, players will not be cut or removed from the team until the following years tryouts in the earliest instance. Exceptions to this include poor attendance and attitude issues with players or parents, which can result in immediate removal from the team / program in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

It is not the aim of TOP Sports to make large amounts of changes in personnel year to year. The aim when picking teams will be to keep the relative skill level of the team as close as possible from top to bottom to ensure the optimal environment for everyone’s development and to maximize the experience of our players.