TOP Lacrosse Teams

Program Overview

TOP Lacrosse is proud to offer four competitive lacrosse teams based in Midtown Toronto for the 2020 season. Currently offering programs for boys and girls born between 2008-2012, the TOP Lacrosse program offers a unique approach to competitive lacrosse by offering local field time, manageable schedules and quality coaching, all while improving players' individual skills and ensuring enjoyment is our number one priority.

What makes us different?

We believe in a well-rounded approach to helping your kids develop on and off the field. We structure our practices so that players are placed into small groups rotating through stations focusing on individual skills, technical instruction, and game-based learning. We believe our small group format is essential for kids to get individual feedback, quality coaching, and high level engagement. We believe that the values learned from team sports (discipline, accountability, and leadership), are ones that will transcend well beyond sport, and we aim to build those values from day one. We will push your kids to get better by creating a fun, engaging, and disciplined environment conducive to learning, and will always have your child's best interests at heart. 

Midtown Toronto Lacrosse Teams

Boys Lacrosse Teams


11U - 8U Teams

Based out of De La Salle College School

Girls Lacrosse Teams


12U - 10U Teams

Based out of Bishop Strachan School

Our Core Values

#1 Quality practice time over quantity of games

"Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect." 

- Vince Lombardi

#2 Consistent, convenient, manageable schedule that allows for and encourages multi-sport play

"It is not enough to be busy... The question is: what are we busy about?"

- Henry David Thoreau

#3 - Focus on long term athletic development that promotes well rounded athletes

"Forget about winning and losing - put your focus on learning and developing.  It's a much better long-term strategy, trust me."

 - Nicolas Gregoriades

#4 - High quality coaching that builds character

"A good Coach can change a GAME.  A great Coach can change a LIFE."

- John Wooden